Game Title: SOMA

Platform: PS4 & PC

Company: Frictional Games, Art Bully Productions

Position: Freelance Contract Animator

Dates: December 2013 – September 2015

Tools & Skills: 3ds Max, Autodesk FBX Converter, HPL 3, Rigging, Skinning, Keyframed Animation

SOMA is a first-person sci-fi survival horror game for PC and PS4 by Frictional Games. Working through Art Bully Productions, I was responsible for rigging, skinning and animating several characters and monsters, including Johan Ross, ‘Robot Head,’ Jin Yoshida, the UH3 robot, a handful of NPCs, and the Fleshers (both male and female – they share animations). All characters were rigged and animated in 3ds Max, then imported and set up in Frictional Games’ proprietary engine.

Working on SOMA was both terrifying and a delight. I usually avoid scary movies and the like, but bringing these monsters to life was a fresh and fun challenge, and they offered me a ton of creative freedom in deciding how they would move. In addition to animating, I also learned a lot about the technical aspects of animation and game engines. I was responsible for streamlining Art Bully’s animation pipeline for Frictional’s engine after solving several import issues and bugs.