Game TitleCavemania

Platform: iOS, Android

Company: BonusXP

Position: Contract Animator

Dates: May – June 2013

Tools & Skills: 3ds Max, Rigging, Skinning, Keyframed Animation

I rigged and animated both in-game props and human characters for this match-3 strategy game from BonusXP. My job was to animate the cavemen in such a way that conveyed both action and personality at a distance due to a fixed camera. I animated the characters idling, taking damage, and performing attacks, which ranged from swinging axes to casting healing spells. Each attack animation had to be between 25-30 frames. I also rigged and animated the dummy prop used to teach players how to fight, as well as props such as bows and arrows, slingshots, and waving banners. I also re-rigged and re-skinned updated characters.



Cavemania © Bonus XP, Yodo1