Project Title: Player Observational Behavior toward Detailed Animations, Masters in Interactive Technology Thesis Artifact

Date: April 2013

Tools: 3ds Max, 3D Unfold, Mudbox

The avian and quadruped rigs were created for my MIT thesis project, in which I tested players’ abilities to detect levels of detail between different types of animations.

The avian rig maintains full wing twist and fold control. Controllers adjust the fanning and twist of the primary, secondary, and tail feathers in groups and as individual feathers. This particular rig is obviously much too detailed to use practically in-engine due to current bone limitations. It is made as detailed as it is for the sake of the thesis project. The bird was modeled, rigged and animated in 3ds Max.

The quadruped rig maintains a custom built skeleton, two spline rigs for the spine and neck, keyable custom parameters for hoof tilt, twist and roll, and ear twist and tilt. I built the horse model and rig in 3ds Max, unwrapped using 3D Unfold, and sculpted it in Mudbox. It was animated in 3ds Max.

Special thanks goes to Delano Athias at Digital Tutors, Juan Martinez at Robot and Woody Smith at Zynga for helping me build these rigs and defend my master’s thesis.